Diabetic Foot Care

According to the American Diabetes association, up to 33% of patients with diabetes will develop a diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) during their lifetime. Those who develop foot ulcers are at higher risk of a foot infection which could result in a foot or leg amputation. Risks of amputations from diabetic ulcers increase if there is also numbness in the feet (peripheral neuropathy) or decreased circulation (peripheral arterial disease). The 5 – year mortality rate of patients with diabetes-related amputations is greater than 50%. Because of these shocking and scary statistics, we recommend that every person with diabetes have their feet evaluated for these risk factors at least yearly and quarterly for those with higher risks of amputation. We also perform “at risk care” involving nail care, callus care, providing diabetic shoe recommendations, and review of risk factors in our office so that we can help you beat these statistics!