Bracing and Orthotics

Ankle Braces

Not all ankle braces are created equally. If you have ankle pain, ankle instability, or a recent tendonitis or sprain, having the right style of ankle brace and treatment after injury can help you to return to activity sooner and prevent further injury. If you already have an ankle brace – bring it to your appointment for review. If not, we have various styles available at the office which are covered by most insurance plans.

Over-the-Counter and Custom Orthotics

Many foot ailments improve when your feet have proper support. Sometimes this means that you need to avoid going barefoot or wearing better shoes and sometimes it means that you need an arch support in the shoes you already have. We offer over-the-counter arch supports for sale at our office and can prescribe custom orthotics for your feet if you need them. Have old arch supports? Bring them with you to discuss modifications they may need, many of which can be performed in the office. As with bracing, bring your existing orthotics and your best athletic shoes for optimum evaluation.